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Benjamin & Benjamin, Inc. has certainly evolved.  The company was launched back in 2014.  It’s initial services were personal credit repair and alternative funding.  Over the years, the company has become a specialist in commercial real estate flipping.  The founders of Benjamin & Benjamin, (Michael Wolfe and Dr. Curtis Browne) had launched it as a Secondary business to mimic their already existing businesses due to the overwhelming successes and expansion needed.

Millions of people now cannot access capital through traditional banks due to negative credit.  In fact, traditionally banks were only approving about 15% of financing requests from individuals and business owners.  Alternatively, ways to legitimately earn a substantial income are scarce.  Fortunately, the original founders of Benjamin & Benjamin, Inc., (Michael Wolfe, and Curtis Browne) had found a fantastic ways to either borrow and/or earn a substantial income. 

When Benjamin & Benjamin, Inc. began, the first thing the company sought to do was to absolutely master the art, science, and legalities of credit repair.  Their distinct powerful advantage of purchasing legal “court transcripts” concerning legal cases which involved the major credit reporting agencies and banks served to provide serious insight and intelligence over how credit agencies make the determination to delete derogatory items on a consumer credit report.  While most of what the credit reporting agencies does remains hidden from the public, Benjamin & Benjamin Inc. discovered that by accessing actual “court transcripts” in both federal and state courts it gave very valuable insight and very distinct and consistent advantages to their success.  Passing this information along to the clients it empowered them with both education and elevated credit scores relatively quickly.  In this sense the company became a vocal consumer advocate.

The second thing the company did was to master the art of alternative funding.  This was necessary since the majority of people looking for funding do not have the necessary income or employment “ written documentation”, i.e. tax returns, income statements, etc… to be granted loan approvals from major banks.  By introducing their clients to alternatives lending sources, (as a “finder” for them) on a “stated basis”, clients consistently obtained the funding they sought, as credit had no longer been an issue.

Over the years, the company also has shared its successes in commercial real estate flipping as well as credit and alternative lending with certain entrepreneurs who also sought ways to start their own businesses to help people, and earn a very substantial income.  This became Benjamin & Benjamin, Inc.’s platform of Trade Secret Licensing, similar to franchising that allowed any serious and dedicated person to access “cookie-cutter” approaches and successes.  The Licensing Program proved to be a tremendous success for many who would absolutely follow the company’s steps in both the technical and intangible areas.

Today, Dante Reeves leads the company’s core training.  Ironically, it was Dante who started with the company back in 2015 after first actually being a client.  Dante’s own personal story of having had very poor credit and no money to actually becoming a true millionaire is absolutely proof positive anyone can change their lives for the better.  Once Dante saw for himself that his credit was repaired and that he could get funding for himself, it was no longer just “theory”.  He was so impressed by our company that he sought employment as an assistant.  However, as he increasingly added value to the company, he kept getting promoted until finally, he is now an actual partner of the firm owning an actual percentage of the company.  Dante also now has partnerships and ownership interests with other companies, including in real estate and an internet marketing firm.  He truly enjoys teaching other entrepreneurs on how to extricate themselves from mediocrity in any economic condition.

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"Enter Your Name and Email to Get FREE Instant Access to Our On-DEMAND Webinar!"